Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Middle School Fundraiser

My new Sister-In-Law is a teacher at Aliso Viejo Middle School and this past weekend she held a fundraiser for her students. The Sweet Bites helped out and made 10 dozen cupcakes for the occassion!

There were food trucks, shaved ice, glow sticks, and a movie! A super cute movie actually...How To Train Your Dragon. Loved it! And of course most importantly...cupcakes!

Here's a few cute (and a couple nerdy) pictures from the event.

The kids made this cute "tablecloth". How sweet!

(See...told you some nerdy ones!)

Stay tuned for some ultra cute Mickey Mouse themed goodies...coming soon!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Congrats Lindsey & Matt!

Another baby shower today! We were so excited to make these cake pops for Lindsey's baby shower, because we just knew the shower would be adorable. And guess what...we were right!

Lindsey and Matt's little boy, Max, is due pretty soon and today was finally her big day. When we showed up to her house this morning to deliver the goodies, we were so excited to find all the adorable decorations... maybe the cutest baby shower decorations ever.

It was baby blue and white everything. Every little detail was planned out. There were a bunch of treats waiting to be set up on a dessert table. After I finished with the pops, I couldn't help myself so I set up the dessert table too...everything was so cute, I had to! These pictures are minus a cake and a few other treats, but you can still see how cute it was!

Mental notes (for all future baby shower planning) were definitely taken!

Amazing job Lindsey & fam! Congrats again!

Update: The finished table!
Thanks Lindsey!